Rosandys Live

Performance date: July 6th, 2022

Location: Slow’s

Rosandys Henderson has been singing since she was 10 years old.

She started performing professionally at the age of 18 years old in several clubs, hotels, and restaurants.

Offering a classy vocalist with a bubbly personality and sings with a songbird quality. She skims through her songs with ease and presents herself with immaculate style on stage. Her vocals are clear and she has a great rapport with the makings of a great singer. She combines well with the other front-line vocalist.

She most recently performed weekly at Pistolera Cantina in Shanghai. She was there for several years with an entire band from Colombia.

Previously worked at Calix Bar in Xiantandi area of Shanghai.

She combines her singing and her dance moves into a performance on stage that is very slick and captures the attention of the entire audience.


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