See them perform on FEBRUARY 4th at McShane’s

Ralph’s Jazz Fusion Quartet Expedition has been around the Detroit area since 1981. It consists of Ralph on saxes, flutes, percussion and vocals, Chip Kipps-guitar & vocals, Don Turner-bass, and Enrique “Kito” Pardo-drums. Our song list varies depending on where we are playing. The name Expedition was given because for different engagements we take voyages into different musical realms.

Expedition played throughout the ’80s and 90’s regularly at many of the downtown Detroit locations, like the Trappers Alley Terraces, The Old Detroit Bar, Galligans rooftop, and the Elwood. Expedition will be at the Village Club Patio Fridays, May 21, June 11, July 16, August 6 & 27, and September 10, 2021. 6-9 pm.

Currently in 2021 Expedition is playing jazz at Detroit area Country Clubs. We can also do more Rock, Funk, R&B sets for dancing.


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