Black Murray

Summer 2021 performers

Percussionist and whistle player Grace Chung began her percussion training on the tabla. She began playing piano at age five and still does piano accompaniment. Besides her husband and family, one of her great loves has been musical theater. “Now,” she says, “I am acting and singing Irish – great fun!”

V. Cieri has been playing violin since age seven and started fiddling and busking on the streets of Kalamazoo ten years ago. Since then V. has been lucky enough to play in a few bands and continue learning new tunes. When not fiddling, V. can found enjoying a whiskey and/or the company of their cat, Teddy.

Allan McMillan plays guitars in various tunings for Black Murray. He formed Black Murray for the 2017 Michigan Renaissance Festival season after playing with another Irish/Renaissance Festival band for seven years. He lives with his wife Grace Chung. 


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