July 13th, 2022

Enjoy the summer fun while listening to live music performances from 6-8PM throughout Michigan Ave.

For more detailed information about each performer or band, visit the Events page, where you will also find a map of each stage location.

Performers: Bave

Location: Ottava Via

Detroit Super Prog Scary Jazz Power Duo

Performers: The Beggars

Location: Gaelic League

The Beggars can do rowdy, they can do outrageous and they do all the reckless valiant theatrics of everything you thought you loved most about Rock n’ Roll – but the Beggars edge is in their endearment – the swagger of the greats without the sleaze of the stereotype – a pure energy burst from a wholesome (yes, wholesome) love for the legends (and the legacies) of rock.

They cruise with a heavy chugging 70’s fuzz style that loop-de-loops up like a rocket of spacier psychedelia, only to parachute down into the eye of the party’s storm, cool as cucumbers with a soulful swagger of jazzy bass and danceable beats, spurred ever forth by crowd-crazy incitements from a quintessential frontman. 

The Beggars understand that rock is equal parts demolition derby as it is vaudeville theatre, let’s have a good time.

Performers: CRS RBN

Location: Motor City Wine

Performers: The Zotz

Location: Bobcat Bonnie’s

The Zotz formed in Spring 2015 originally as a 2-piece guitar, vocals and drums. After a few months of playing , Bobby and Shawn decided to complete the sound by adding a bass player. With a few line up changes, Paul Garza the latest bassist to join the band.  

Coming together to create a unique sound reimiscent of the 70’s old school punk with hooks and relatable originals songs based on life experiences. They are fast, hard and fun. Simple and fast drum hits, dynamic leads with sarcastic and heartfelt vocals and rockin bass lines that cut through. The Zotz are a refreshing unique, but surprisingly familiar sound that will make you want to bop your head, tap your foot, shake your fist in the air, and smile, laugh, sing along and dance. Our live shows are always fun and we want to include our audience to join in and have as much fun as us.

Performers: Kyle Mikolajcyk & The Motor City Fury

Location: PJ’s Lager House

Kyle is an American-born Musician/Songwriter, raised in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. At the young age of 6, Kyle received a Red Stratocaster mini for Christmas, his interest in music developed greatly after that.

In 2013, the yearning for more musical knowledge led him to find many other acts to perform in & record with. His “open-minded” musical approach has found him in many genres ranging from, Blues, Metal, Psychedelic, Punk, Pop, Pop Punk, R&B, and Hip Hop. Mikolajczyk has proudly made himself known for promoting the following: Positivity, Rock N Roll & Blues Music, His Hometown (Detroit, MI), The Pursuit of Happiness.

Performers: Doug Bowen

Location: Cork & Gable

Doug Bowen is a Michigan musician that has been playing guitar, singing and composing for 32 years. Mostly classic rock, he is also influenced by many other genres including pop, country, jazz, funk and more. He has recorded 11 albums of original music as well as performed on other artists albums. He has also performed in bands and solo acoustic around the Detroit area as well as been featured on Detroit radio, Television and on a national commercial promotion. 

Performers: Matt Dmits Band

Location: 2000 Brooklyn

Matt Dmits has been writing and performing music in the Detroit area and the Midwest since the late 1990’s. Working as a vocalist, songwriter, and guitar player, he has shared the stage with numerous local and national artists- both as an accompanist and as a stand-alone performer of Detroit Americana.

Dmits recorded his first solo effort, Bury Me With My Guitar, with renowned Detroit producer Jim Diamond at his Ghetto Recorders Studios in Detroit. The six-song EP was released in May, 2012 and featured prominent Detroit musicians Ty Stone, Don “Doop” Duprie, Bobby Emmett, Pete Ballard, Matt Van and Vinnie Dombroski.  

His latest release, February 2018’s Thinnest of Threads, is a full length, 11-song LP, available for digital download and pressed at Detroit’s Archer Record Pressing. 

Performers: The Strains

Location: Nemo’s

 The Strains are 100% street. They cut their teeth on the nitty gritty spanning many decades. Individually from the gutters of Detroit in the mid 70s , to the Bowery in New York in the late 70s , the frigid climes of Minneapolis in the 80s , and the dive bars of Europe in the post Cold War era in the 90s and 2000s, only to meet up in Detroit in the NOW. These guys do not mince words or notes. They have been there through every fashion change and shift in taste, yet remain true to what has been fundamental throughout the decades. The rock and roll spirit.

Performers: Jo Serrapere & John Devine

Location: Supergeil

Jo Serrape is a new artist for this year. We are so excited to see them perform!

Performers: Robert Johnson

Location: McShane’s

Robert Johnson is a Metro Detroit Singer Songwriter. He writes and performs Blues, Rock and Country. His main influences are Jimmy Buffet, Hank Williams and Johnnie Cash.

Performers: Ellen Wallenfang

Location: Slow’s

Ellen Wallenfang is a singer/songwriter based in Detroit, creating music that draws from the genres of pop, indie, soul, and jazz, and is influenced by the likes of Sara Bareilles, Alicia Keys, and Yebba. Currently in pursuit of a music degree at Oakland University, she performs regularly with school ensembles, with fellow collaborators, and as a solo artist. Her goal is to bring connection and hope through the power of music.

Performers: Motor City Street Dance Company

Location: PAL

Motor City Street Dance Academy provides a safe, creative space for youth to explore art forms through hip hop: break dancing, graffiti art, DJ, beat-making. Along with other interests are yoga, anime, comic books, live-stream gaming, and podcasting while validating and empowering their professional, creative, and life skills to lead to their success. Our approach is what we do “on the floor” to create success can be copied “off the floor” with those same disciplines.

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